Morelove in the Youth Unit of MORE [Ministry Of Reconciliation & Evangelisation], which is a Christian Evangelical Organisation.

Morelove, a Socio-religious Organisation has been featured in over 30 countries. Dominic Dixon, the Founder of morelove has represented the Indian Christian Church for youth issues. He has been interviewed on CNN, India Today, Headlines Today, Times of India, Agency France Presse and other international news agencies. Sunil Jose is the Program Director and Xavier Fernandes is the Technology Director.

Morelove consists of a group of young Christians promoting purity and life affirming values. We have been moderators in Value Education at schools, Colleges and work places concentrating at reaching out to URBAN YOUTH.


We mobilise campaigns on drug awareness. Helping and counselling young people who are addicted to drugs or who are casual users.

Our Slogan is:

"DOPE with it there's NO HOPE"

Our major campaign has been on "CHASTITY" saving the gift of sex for marriage and the virtue of chastity with the message of purity. Regardless of one's past.

Our Slogan is: "IT'S COOL TO BE CHASTE"

We have been involved in promoting premarital sexual abstinence rather than the detrimental promotion of safe sex. Abstinence is the only way.

Our Slogan is: "PREMARITAL SEX: Condemn it, don't condom it"

Our vision is to help young Indians experience real love and happiness in their lives and sustain the untainted Indian culture. We're here to help young Indians discover the beauty of God's plan for love and sexuality - a plan that is written in our hearts as male and female made in His image.

We have reached out to terrorists, rebels, addicts, convicts, etc. in India and other countries with the message of Jesus' which resulted in reformation of many.

ISSUES: In our country today, many young people might think the idea of saving sex for marriage is outdated. 'What's the point?' they may ask, especially when it seems like 'everyone's doing it'. The true meaning of sex isn't understood by many people. Even those who do believe sex is special can't really tell you why it's worth saving for marriage. But when you take the time to discover the true meaning of sex for yourself, you'll be amazed. It's only then that the idea of saving sex for marriage begins to make sense. Not everyone are 'DOING IT', many are 'SAVING IT' for marriage.

Distorted understanding of love, sex and marriage: The truth is that sex does have a meaning of its own. It's more than just pleasure and nice feelings. It's a powerful expression of love and it's designed for marriage. Outside of marriage however, sex is speaking a lie with your body. When it is outside of marriage, the body language of sex doesn't change. Its inherent meaning of "I give myself to you forever" doesn't change. It still attempts to communicate all of those exclusive and loving aspects of a faithful marriage - but it can't!

Sex outside of marriage tricks your heart into thinking that you have already given yourself to this person, forever. It's saying something which isn't true. It might feel good for a few moments, but that pleasure will soon be gone and your heart will be left yearning for more. It will be longing for something more, something permanent.

The emotional bond that is formed during sex creates problems outside of marriage when the relationship breaks up. Although the bond is good for marriage, before marriage this bond causes emotional havoc, making a normal break-up much more painful.

Addressing the issues: We have launched a sexual purity campaign called 'Sexual Abstinence Commitment'

I (NAME) commit before God to save the gift of my sexuality from now until marriage, regardless of my past.

This campaign was implemented premier Colleges in Bangalore to mark the occasion of the World Aids Day on December 1st 2006. The response was amazing where thousands of college students took the commitment.

Students from University of the Nations had performed heart throbbing skits and mimes with a power packed message.

We encourage our young people to take the abstinence commitment regardless of their past even if they have messed up or have gone too far. We encourage them to repent and come clean. By doing this, we will have an amazing reduction of sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases and a reduced number of depression cases and reduction is cases of suicide due to failure of having gone too far with a companion that has rejected them.

The reason why we have launched this campaign is because a huge number of young people in India are adapting to the liberalised lifestyle of promiscuity. India has a population that consists of 65% young people with the age of below 35, this number is startling. There are several organizations that are talking about safe sex in terms of contraceptives and anti abortion movements among the unmarried, but no organization has come forward with the message of premarital sexual abstinence and sexual purity.

So we are here to compliment what the other organizations are doing. Our website reaches to the Indian youth across the globe.

We have Indian youth writing to us from different states and countries seeking help. The site also contains a section for parents to help them deal with their postmodern teenagers.

Response: The response has been very positive by the Indian youth as this is an encouragement and has no compelling to it. The Indian parents of different religions and casts have honoured the effort of this campaign and commended the courage taken by these young Christians who have started this project. We have great support of Campus Directors especially from Sr. Juanita of Mount Carmel PU College who had the courage to help us pioneer this trend of purity at her college.

Conception: Morelove was started by Dominic Dixon, a former Corporate Management consultant who worked for five in the US, Canada and India until the call to reach out to the youth had come in 2001. He is still a youth himself while the core team members are also youth. Morelove has an active movement in Kuwait and the UK as well.

The concept of sexual abstinence was conceptualized in India after we have counselled hundreds of Indian youth with a majority of them having sexual related problems and many accounting to massive amounts of abortions. Two years of ago when Dominic was doing a program a Delhi, he noticed hundreds of signs boards that read '20% discount on abortions for Delhi University students'. This carried a severe cry and pain in the heart of Dominic that he never forgot that message of massacre that those sign boards read. All this added to the foundation of Morelove and the University campus as a source of purity.

Dominic has written a book titled 'The Beautiful Christian Mind - deliverance from mental illness - ' which deals with the ailments of the mind and how to treat it. He is in pursuance of his doctorate in Psychology.

Long term goal: Our goal for the next three years is to see almost every campus in India championing their students to a call of purity regardless of religion or caste. We want a pure India.