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Celebrity Quotes on Saving Sex for Marriage

Miss Oklahoma USA 2000

“I’m saving sex for marriage because I want it to be something wonderfully special between my husband and myself. I don’t want him to compare me to anyone else and I don’t want to compare him. It’s important to let others know about your decision to save sex for marriage — don’t be embarrassed.”


Singer and Songwriter

“The decision to have sex outside of marriage results in a slow, subtle kind of death. It’s the death of innocence and purity. The shattering of dreams. The numbing of a once vibrant, youthful spirit. The word abstinence implies denial and all sorts of negative restrictions. In truth, though, abstinence means wholeness and freedom and peace. A life of virtue can be a difficult road, but it’s a road of promise and excellence, and one without regret.”


Basketball star on the Los Angeles Lakers' 2000 World Championship Team
“I’m proud to say that I am a virgin, and I don’t hide the strength God has given me. You have to learn to respect yourself before you can start respecting other people.”
Source: A.C. Green Youth Foundation, Inc., 1-800-AC-YOUTH,



“Sex within marriage is the only kind that’s truly fun and exciting — the kind that lasts for a lifetime. I’m glad I waited.”


Brett recently retired from the Los Angeles Dodgers as one of the top
25 leadoff hitters in the history of professional baseball. In 1996, after 16 years of playing professionally, he was diagnosed with cancer. He was never expected to play again, but overcame the disease and  continued to play successfully with the Dodgers. “Making love is a  wonderful thing between a husband and wife in marriage. God promises that He will bless that relationship. The marriage relationship will not be as fulfilling if you don’t abstain from sex before marriage. There is a danger of bringing emotional scars into marriage if you have sex in relationships prior to marriage.”

Miss California Teen USA 1997

“It’s been echoed to teens over and over again – we are ’Generation X’ – we have no morals, no dreams and no future. But I know I am not a part of that same generation. In fact, millions of teenagers are finding out the same thing about themselves. We decided to rise above the constant stereotyping. We have morals and are standing up for what we believe in. We are setting goals and we are achieving them. I strongly  believe we are ‘Generation X-cellence’. “Because of that I am saving sex for marriage. I know God has great things destined for me and I don’t want to let premarital sex, STDs or anything else stop me from reaching those great things. Virginity is a gift I can only give once. It can’t be bought or earned. By saving this gift for marriage, I am saying, ’My whole life I have been committed to one. You are that one.’”



"I promised God, my father and my future husband that I would remain a virgin until I got married. I just always knew it was something I wanted to do."

In 1995, Lakita Garth was named Miss Black California and 2nd-runner up in the Miss Black America pageant.

In addition to speaking to youth across America, Lakita has also been a guest on several TV shows, including; MTV's Sex in the 90's, Politically Incorrect, The Image Awards, The American Television Awards, Nightline, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Montel Williams.

If you ever have an opportunity to meet Lakita or hear her speak, don't pass it up. Lakita's enthusiasm, intellegence and wisdom are a treat you'll never forget.

Combine those qualities with "Covergirl" looks and you've got the recipe for a super spokeswoman. And that's what Lakita is, she's the voice for a new kind of "sexual revolution," a counter revolution that says sex is sacred and true love waits.

When Lakita's not working on a new album (she sings too!) or doing TV Talk shows, she travels the world speaking to high school and college students about why it's so important to save sex for marriage.

Still single and a virgin, this brainy beauty queen has re-defined the meaning of the "sexual revolution." Lakita has tons of tips on dating, great relationships and what you should (or shouldn't!) do to find Mr. or Miss Right.

On July 16, 1998, Lakita shared many of her ideas with a United States Congressional Subcommittee where she was invited to speak about the high cost of pre-marital sex and teen pregnancy.

Grammy Winner
Rebecca St.James
“True Love Waits”

On February 23, 2000, Rebecca St. James won her first Grammy Award, for Best Rock Gospel Album. A native of Australia, she is also the youngest performer ever to be nominated for the prestigious Dove Award for New Artist of the Year. Rebecca

Hard work paid off for Rebecca as she scooped up her Grammy for “Pray” at the wows audiences with her pure voice and pure soul.  42nd annual Grammy Awards. In her acceptance speech at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, she said, “First, I want to thank God. He is my best friend, the reason I live, my inspiration and the reason I do what I do.”

It’s no wonder Rebecca’s albums are so popular. Her music videos, “No Secrets” and “You’re the Voice,” show she’s as talented as any female rocker in the world. However, what really separates Rebecca from other rockers are her views on God, love and life.

Purity is a very important virtue to this 23-year-old singer. Rebecca is a virgin and she says she’ll remain one until she gets married. On her right ring finger, she wears a gold band. During a concert in Colorado Springs, she told her audience: “I’d like to tell you about this ring I’m wearing. It is a promise ring, and when my parents gave it to me, they said it was to symbolize my commitment to wait until marriage to have sex. I can tell you right now, I will be waiting for that special person God has planned for me.”

As a national spokeswoman for the True Love Waits campaign since age 16, Rebecca has spoken to hundreds of thousands of teens about the benefits of saving sex for marriage. Her views of love are deeply grounded. Unlike Hollywood, where love is often portrayed as a “spell” you fall under, or an urge that makes you “love-crazy” to jump into bed, Rebecca speaks of love as patient, kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud, never selfish or rude. Love does not demand its own way.

What does Rebecca think of “safe sex” campaigns? Not much. She has more confidence in kids, and she says, “I don’t buy the argument that teenagers can’t control themselves or that they need to be taught to use birth control devices to protect  themselves. Teenagers can handle the pressure. I have seen thousands of teenagers sign commitment cards pledging themselves to wait until marriage.”

Thousands of young women write Rebecca to thank her for taking a stand. Some letters come from women who’ve fallen for sex outside of marriage. One woman wrote, “I’ve had troubles my whole adult life as a result of the bad choice to have  remarital sex, which led to an abortion, a bad marriage and divorce.”

Rebecca’s fans love her music and her encouraging words about life and its purpose. “Your teenage years are a gift,” she points out. “Use them wisely. You can make a difference in this world by giving your life to serving and helping others who are less fortunate. Your teenage years are a great time to be active. . . You can be a voice of hope in this world. If you are willing to take a stand for what is right, God can use you.”

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