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What is so great about making a pledge to sexual abstinence?

You experience a great freedom when you practice abstinence until marriage. Along with this freedom you will enjoy several benefits!

  • You are 100% guaranteed that you won't get pregnant.
  • It's a sure thing that you will stay STD-free!
  • You will be spared much emotional pain and heartache.
  • God will provide a way out from temptation 100% of the time.
  • You will have every opportunity to fulfill your dreams.
  • If you get married one day, you can present yourself pure to your mate.
  • You will be honoring God with your body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

What can you do to keep your commitment?

Signing the card is the easy part. The test comes when you face the decision of sexual activity. You can't rely on your True Love Waits card to give you strength to make the right choice. You won't find any power in the ring or the words you repeated during a ceremony. The power to keep the commitment starts with God. He gives us the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus Christ. The Spirit is our power. He gives us self-control. Make it a point to be filled with the Spirit every day so you can stay true to your pledge.

What if ...?

Some people have a past they wish they could erase. A lot of times, we do things we wish we could take back. You may have been involved in premarital sexual activity and wish you could blot it out of your past and be rid of all the memories. Whatever may have happened or whatever your sin, God offers second chances! His forgiveness is a gift. We don't deserve it, but He offers it to us anyway! That's called grace! See Ephesians 1:7 and Colossians 1:13-14.

When you decide you want to stay sexually pure from this day forward, then you can experience a second virginity. This second virginity comes by asking for God's forgiveness through Jesus and by committing to stay sexually abstinent until marriage. Reclaiming your purity can give you a whole new outlook and freedom in your life. See 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Ephesians 4:21-24.

The bad part is that sin does have consequences, and you may even be dealing with those now as a result of your sexual sin. The good news is that there are people around you who can walk with you through these tough times. Don't be afraid to talk with a counselor, minister, or parent for help.