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The Reproductive system

Your reproductive system: On the inside :

The vagina, which is made of muscle, is a hollow canal or tube that can grow wider to deliver a baby that has finished growing inside the uterus. The opening of the vagina is covered by the hymen, which is a thin piece of tissue that has one or more holes in it. Sometimes a hymen is stretched or torn when you use a tampon or after a first sexual experience, but this does not always happen; sometimes the hymen stays the same. If it does tear, it may bleed a little bit. The cervix is the narrow entryway in between the vagina and uterus. The opening of the cervix is very small, so a tampon will not slip through here and get lost. At the same time, the muscles of the cervix are flexible so that it can expand to let a baby pass through when he or she is being born.

Your reproductive system: On the outside :

The entrance to the vagina is covered, on the outside of the body, by the vulva. The vulva has five parts: Mons pubis, labia, clitoris, urinary opening and vaginal opening.
The mons pubis is the mound of tissue and skin just below your stomach. This area becomes covered with hair when you go through puberty. The labia are the two sets of skin folds (often called lips) on either side of the opening of the vagina. The labia majora are the outer lips and the labia minora are the inner lips. The labia minora cover a small sensitive bump called the clitoris, which is at the bottom of the mons pubis. Below the clitoris is the urinary opening, which is where your urine leaves the body. Below the urinary opening is the vaginal opening, which is the entry into the vagina. This whole area is called the pelvic area.