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 Case of Social Injustice, VINDICATED!


The story below is to challenge every Christian to stand for social justice. It is also to give hope to those who are oppressed. We at MoreLove, take no credit for what God has chosen to do in and through us. It is the working of our Lord Jesus Christ and glory be to Him alone.

  1.  God hates injustice and for the Christian, it is not merely an option but an obligation to help those who suffer injustice.

  2. Fighting for the cause of truth and justice is one of the surest ways of witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  3. God is a God of justice, vengeance belongs to Him. We ought to wait for his vision and provision and continue to do what is truthful and honest. He is able to deliver.

  4. We ought to fear God and not man.

  5. We may have many weapons to our disposal such as influence in high places, wealth, intellect and cunning. However, we ought to put our trust in the name of the Lord.

  6. Whatsoever we do in pursuit for justice must be within the precepts of Gods Law that has been revealed in His Word.

  7. We ought to always pray for our oppressors. Our aim is not so much his conviction by law, but his conviction by the Holy Spirit.

  8. The Law may seem impotent and inefficient to defend us but in effect is a very powerful tool for social reform. It is our ignorance of the Law that often causes our downfall. It may be time consuming and laborious but within the law are sufficient provisions to ensure our safety.


 The hand of the Lord has done mighty things. He has vindicated the oppressed and given them justice. All glory be to the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.