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Morelove works in synergy with other Youth groups campaigning against the LEE Jeans advertisement promoting Gayism

Dr. Siga Arles, a leading expert in our country on Sociology and Missiology and the Director of the Indian Institute of Missiology - Research Centre, commented. "The poster is repulsive and degenerate with its suggestiveness. For the youth who walk the Brigade road, this is ill informing and misleading. This should be challenged by the public who believe in values of culture, family and marriage. Degeneracy is made look posh, contemporary and acceptable and a time has come when such is made a part of human right. Lesbian and Gay Liberation is not part of human right but a part of human illness that needs corrective and healing. Public display of such posters is unwelcome in decent society."
When we dialogued with sets of young people ranging from ages fifteen to twenty seven, their response was that this promotion was provoking and suggestive. They further stated that advertisements like this only cause a young generation to experiment things that should not be experimented. Danstan John, a youth worker among juvenile drug addicts and gangsters says that this sort of promotion that sets standards of being cool is what's causing a rupturing in our India society. If you're out there working on the streets, you would know that. The Lee Company has been insensitive to our Indian culture.


The Archbishop of Bangalore Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras told me yesterday that this sort of promotion is insensitive to our culture at large. He further indicated that Indians of all beliefs should join together against such immoral campaigns. Young people who believe in values should protest against ideologies.


Dr. J. Mohan Razu, a leading sociologist and professor at UTC who has been an International voice for social causes says this: "Product promotion through unethical means need to be contested. Multinationals for the sake of profit maximization resort to all sorts of means."


Bangalore's leading Philosopher, BP Naresh and father of a girl child commented by saying "Very obviously, the intentions are clear, if not promoting at least a soft corner for lesbianism, what has the product got to do with the picture...? I don't see any connection at all. Very appropriately, a boy and a girl would have suited the product promotion... but this appears to be very shady. I don't think this is oversight at all. This looks very deliberate."


Mark Braganza, a Chartered Accountant and a father of six including a teenager daughter has this to say: "I feel that the attached photograph is suggestive of lesbianism. I suggest that action should be taken against the company on more than one count. The counts which I can think of are: (1) Taking up the matter with' The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI)', on the grounds of indecency. There may be other grounds too." 2. Filing a public interest litigation against the company.


Cherian, Director a Resort, a father of three including a teenage daughter comments, "Yes, the picture clearly suggests lesbianism. I am with you if you are planning some campaign against this."


The call is ours, we need to speak out. Some of us already have. Let's hear your voice, write to us with your views. Email