In respecting my body and self regardless of my past,
I Take The STAND and make the commitment to save the
gift of my
sexuality from now until marriage.
I seek the grace of God to keep myself pure and holy and to abstain from pre-marital sex.

Absinence Commitment List

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paul prakash kumar from Bangalore
  Thursday, 15-03-07 08:24
Its Gods grace to be one, till my marriage, let me be faithful to my partner.

Murali Nath from Chennai
  Tuesday, 06-03-07 08:55
Yenna pa iddee? This is neat man. WOW! REGARDLESS OF MY PAST? I take this commitment. If u hadnt said 'regardless of my past' i wouldnt hv taken this. thanks

danston rodrigues from Manipal
  Friday, 23-02-07 07:44
I commit before God-Jesus Christ, i refrain from pre-marital sex and anything that motivates me into it.
Dom way to go!

Shilpa K from Mumbai
  Saturday, 03-02-07 23:25
This is just righ on time. i commit

Dinesh j from Chennai
  Thursday, 01-02-07 12:16
I commit to save it for my marriage. Yo Aby, get a life man, quit immoral policing. GO MORELOVE, GO GO.

Aby McDaniel from Delhi
  Tuesday, 30-01-07 11:09
By the way, I am not concerned about morelove's program as I see the real vision of it - attention. You'll get it guys, and especially the person who calls me 'full of dirt'. You're welcome to our university and have fun. :) And I am not concerned of how many girls pledge themselves either - seperates the chaff from the wheat, thank you.

Aby McDaniel from Delhi
  Tuesday, 30-01-07 11:05
Ravishankar RS, I do have a voice and it doesn't dance to your tunes.

I have an idea, I marry a girl, turns out that we are in different planets sexually, what do I do then? Can you answer my question?

Second, we have the highest HIV/AIDs not because of more sex but because of a failed 'abstinence' program which doesn't work. Teens in Europe do have much more sex than Indian teenagers though HIV isn't a concern there because of a more 'natural' sex education instead of a religious, moral bias.

By the way your eyes you yours not that of the country. You barely know the country so keep your comments to yourself. You are blockheaded and have no idea of human psychology and hammer with your narrow views just for some attention Mr. Ravishankar RS of (masquearding as a Delhite college goer). People can't hide from me even in the internet and you have no idea of my position, we will give you the welcome but not as you would expect. See ya :)

Rabia MD from Bangalore
  Friday, 19-01-07 06:50
Hi, Rabia, a muslim commerce student from bangalore.

the campaign that morelove had at my college was timely. They really gave us the light of the true meaning of love, marriage sex as opposed to the media promotion of love, sex and marriage.

we seem to have gotten it all wrong. Our country needs to change and im grateful to for the innitiative.

There are girls in my college who have slept with the boyfriends and got dumpted and felt that they had no future. but after's program, we realised that we can be pure once again.

A lot of our girls have given up their old dirty lifestyle.

Ravishankar RS from Delhi
  Friday, 19-01-07 06:39
The concept of 'pre-marital sex abstinence' is great. Here's one reason not to be promiscious, India has the highest amount of HIV/ AIDS cases and its growing!

Aby has a question, "What if we are not sexually compatile?"

Aby, Are you trying to tell me that if you have sex with a girl before marriage and she's not compatible, you're going to dump her? No wonder morelove is reaching out to girls are telling them to be cautious of guys like you.

I'm really impressed with the initiatives of morelove though they are a Christian group and im of an anti-christian group.

Aby, you also mentioned 'The people who take you pledges are either far from humanity or are ignorant and resistant to change.'

Since when did being promiscious become an OK thing? since when did being an HIV/ AIDS carrier become a noble thing? Since when did people with such great integrity who take responsibility and take up the commitment become ignorant? Since when did people who want to remain pure or regain purity become resistant to change?

In you eyes, it may be ok for you or your friends or even your sister to be promisciuos, but in the eyes of thei Country, it is not ok.

We will be inviting morelove to our colleges in Delhi, then you come and voice your opinion.

Some people like you have a christian name for name sake but inside you are full of dirt like some journalists in Delhi who give a negative perspective about this campaign.

Aby McDaniel from Delhi
  Thursday, 18-01-07 16:02
I don't understand you people. Why the hell should I abstain from sex waiting till marriage with a person who I don't know what her tastes are. What if we are not sexually compatile? Are you going to say then, divorces are sin? Get the hard facts, sex is an important thing in marriage, if it doesn't work marriage breaks. The people who take you pledges are either far from humanity or are ignorant and resistant to change.

Rakesh Anthony from bangalore
  Wednesday, 17-01-07 04:16
I appreciate the initiative and pray that young people me and you understand the commitment and try to abide by it.

Lets pray to be away from temptation and lead life according to our socio-cultural and religious values.

Tanu Pareek from Aurangabad
  Monday, 15-01-07 06:54

babu sivaram from dubai
  Monday, 15-01-07 01:20

priyanthalal wasanthasiri from sri lanka
  Friday, 12-01-07 11:54

Luciana Bassi from Brasil
  Monday, 08-01-07 20:09

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