In respecting my body and self regardless of my past,
I Take The STAND and make the commitment to save the
gift of my
sexuality from now until marriage.
I seek the grace of God to keep myself pure and holy and to abstain from pre-marital sex.
Yes, I want to take the Abstinence Commitment Now.
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Abstinence Commitment List

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sunil jose from blr
  Friday, 15-09-06 07:11

Michelle Jakes from Bangalore
  Thursday, 14-09-06 10:46
I choose to be holy and pure.

Seema Nair from Delhi
  Wednesday, 13-09-06 12:05

Priya Singh from Pune
  Saturday, 09-09-06 05:54
Premarital sex has long lasting effects on the future. It not only exposes oneself to serious health hazards, but renders one vulnerable to attacks emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

George Rao from Mumbai
  Saturday, 09-09-06 04:46