In respecting my body and self regardless of my past,
I Take The STAND and make the commitment to save the
gift of my
sexuality from now until marriage.
I seek the grace of God to keep myself pure and holy and to abstain from pre-marital sex.
Yes, I want to take the Abstinence Commitment Now.
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Abstinence Commitment List

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Stephanie Tommy from Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia
  Wednesday, 03-01-07 22:00
Thanks to God..for this chance..the chance to be pure the Blood of the Lord..I am cleansed again..It's hard work for one who had messed up with pre-marital sex,long lasting torture with the emotion.. repent and not sin again..Please pray for me

The Complete Man from India
  Wednesday, 03-01-07 03:33
I should have signed this before my marriage.

Friends dont have sex/physical relations before marriage.
If you get a beautiful and loving partner for marriage, the earlier thoughts will kill your peace and u will regret for the rest of your life and it will kill you each moment for the rest of ur lives...
so abstain from Sex before marriage..if you wish
Please pray 4 me

The Major Flirt

marcelina ross from bangalore
  Saturday, 16-12-06 04:42

sunitha mohan rajan from bangalore
  Saturday, 02-12-06 00:23
i cmmit before god to keep myself pure nd holy and keep myself aaaawwwwwaaaaaayyy from pre-marita sex

Dony jj from Bangalore
  Monday, 27-11-06 01:09
I take this step

prisci miriam from banglore
  Tuesday, 21-11-06 06:16
i mean this commitment n surrender me copletly 2 GOD n THANKS DOM

nithu joseph from piravom_kerala
  Monday, 13-11-06 06:50
thanx 4 this oppurtunity

my God is my everything and i love Him the most.
i pray that everybody will experience Him soon in their lives. praise u Jesus

smitha rodrigues from bangalore
  Sunday, 12-11-06 05:16
i commit myself to be pure & holy till my marriage

KARTIK BEHERA from tinsukia
  Wednesday, 25-10-06 22:43
I am agree in your opinion

Madhu Ahuja from Navi Mumbai
  Wednesday, 25-10-06 00:31
Im a Virgin and im proud to be one.

Im 22 yrs & unmarried.

I was forced by peer groups that "pre-marital sex" is the "in" thing now as most of the " liberal " youth are experiencing it using protection. But by mercy of God i was saved by a friend who told me to preserve my virginity till i get married. I feel secure in my heart now as i dont have to give in to my peer groups.

rabiya o from calcutta
  Friday, 20-10-06 03:08
my boyfriend was forcing me to have sex with him and i was seriously looking for help but could not find it so i searched the net for help on love and found this site. im so happy that now i make the commitment to stay a virgin till marriage. being a muslim girl in cal is so tough.

smitha j from mumbai
  Friday, 20-10-06 03:04
this is really encouraging. i messed up big time and after visiting this site i understand that i can be pure again. im a hindu and i never thought that God can make me clean again.

I serioulsy make this committment.

joyce b from Bangalore
  Wednesday, 18-10-06 09:28
I make my committment to save my virginity till marriage

dom d from bangalore
  Sunday, 01-10-06 13:20
I believe in keeping myself pure for marraige regardless of my past for God has given me a chance to stay pure and holy.

john v from Mumbai
  Tuesday, 19-09-06 10:58